Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector

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Product Name: Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector


Protect your privacy from unauthorized surveillance with the Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector. This compact and easy-to-use device utilizes advanced infrared detection to uncover hidden cameras in various environments, including hotel rooms, offices, and private residences.


  • Infrared Detection: Effectively detect hidden cameras using infrared technology.

  • 2-Lighting Modes: Choose between always-on mode for continuous screening or strobing mode for enhanced visibility.

  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 30 days of standby time or 1 hour of continuous use on a single charge.

  • Mini and Compact: Take the Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector with you wherever you go thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

  • Large-Radius Detection: Scan a wide area with up to 5 meters of detection range.


  • Color: Black, White
  • Product Weight: 15g
  • Rated Power: Type-C, DC 5V/0.1A
  • Battery Capacity: 60mAh
  • Gear Adjustment: Two (Gear 1: Red light on, Gear 2: Red light flashes)
  • Material: ABS+PC


  • The effectiveness of the product may be affected by the user's vision and observation angle.

  • For optimal results, use the device in a dark environment and within 5 meters of the detectable distance.

  • Look through the color filter to check for red dot reflections, indicating the presence of hidden cameras.

Safeguard your privacy and peace of mind with the Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Detector. This reliable and easy-to-use device empowers you to detect hidden cameras and protect yourself from unauthorized surveillance in any setting.

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